Citing experiments conducted and summaries completed by the research teams which operate, the authors of the NIPCC report write: Results from 3,586 separate experimental conditions conducted on 549 plant species reveal nearly all plants will experience increases in dry weight or biomass in response to atmospheric CO2 enrichment. » Yale Climate Connections It is much easier to claim science than to do science. Climate Connections publishes stories produced by a national network of environmental reporters. Most plants will display enhanced rates of photosynthesis and biomass production as the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration rises. The Non-governmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) survey of the scientific literature, Climate Change Reconsidered II: Biological Impacts, cites hundreds of peer-reviewed studies demonstrating the beneficial effect the rise in carbon dioxide levels since the Industrial Revolution has had on plant life. with the Yale Climate Connections radio show/podcast (January 11, 2021). More CO2 doesn’t harm plants; only dubious and speculative tangential indirect weather effects caused by more CO2 arguably harm plants. Yale Climate Connections is an online news service providing daily radio broadcasts and original online reporting, commentary, and analysis on the issue of climate change, one of the greatest challenges and stories of the 21st century. Yale Climate Connections, which employs 1 people.. Staffed by professional editors, journalists, and producers, Yale Climate Connections provides original reporting, commentary and analysis online and a daily radio program on more than 500 frequencies nationwide. » Yale Climate Connections This includes a team of journalists writing articles, a monthly video series, and a daily radio program broadcast on … And in turn, climate change can make health problems like asthma and heart disease worse. “Everywhere you look, you can see climate change undermining or threatening to undermine the foundations of health,” says Doctor Nick Watts, the chief sustainability officer of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, known as the NHS. Yale Climate Connections provides daily broadcast radio programming and original web-based reporting, commentary, and analysis on the issue of climate change, one of the greatest challenges and stories confronting modern society. And for the past decade, we have produced Yale Climate Connections, which is now one of the nation’s largest climate news and information organizations. 'Are leaf blowers bad for us?' Yale Climate Connections is an independent, nonprofit, and nonpartisan news organization focused on climate change. The Yale article comes closest comes to supporting its central claim with any facts when it cites a single study showing minor declines in some nutrients for rice grown under higher CO2 conditions. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. While acknowledging carbon dioxide is plant food, which is why it is commonly used in greenhouses, the author of the Yale story writes, “[t]he familiar adage – too much of a good thing is a bad thing – applies to atmospheric carbon dioxide: In higher concentrations, it is a damaging pollutant.” However, most plants evolved with carbon dioxide levels were significantly higher than at present and under no realistic emission scenario will atmospheric carbon dioxide reach levels at which plant growth is harmed. What We Do We conduct scientific research on public climate change knowledge, attitudes, policy preferences, and behavior, and the underlying psychological, cultural, and political factors that influence them. This can be mitigated by a corresponding increase in fertilizer usage. The scientific consensus regarding atmospheric carbon dioxide stands – more carbon dioxide in the air benefits plants and crop yields. Vail Resorts has a goal of zero net emissions by 2030, so the company is working to bring new renewable energy sources to the grid. More rice production from the same plot of land will logically lead to less nutrient uptake per rice kernel. One of our sales representative will call you soon. They offer many audio options on the website. That is a big difference, and quite different than what the title of the article implies. “We want to be part of the solution to our energy crisis and our environmental challenges that we have,” says fire chief Karl Lieb. And in Salt Lake City, Utah, the fire department prioritizes sustainability, too. assesses the treatment of climate change in state science standards. In reality, the scientific evidence is clear that more carbon dioxide in the air boosts plant growth and improves plant nutrients and water-use efficiency. (Image credit: NOAA / Wikimedia) One of the hottest years in U.S. history, 2020 was besieged by a record number of billion-dollar disasters, led by two of the most dangerous phenomena with links to climate change: wildfires and hurricanes. Yale Climate Connections Daily 90-second stories broadcast on 500+ radio stations nationwide and original climate news articles and videos. He has held various positions in professional and public policy organizations, including serving as a member of the Environment and Natural Resources Task Force in the Texas Comptroller’s e-Texas commission. the Yale hit piece is the usual diatribe from an untutored academic, who obviously has no experience in growing crops, or researching data. Yale Climate Connections. Results from an additional 2,094 separate experimental conditions conducted on 472 plant species reveal nearly all plants will experience increases in photosynthesis in response to atmospheric CO2 enrichment. “Bait and switch” and “Straw Man” are the favorite arguments of the alarmists. Through articles, radio stories, and short videos, we “connect the dots” between climate change and energy, extreme weather, public health, food and water, jobs and the economy, national security, the creative arts, and religious and moral values, among other themes. Yale Climate Connections deceives its readers when it publishes a misleading title and fails to back up its alarmist claims with scientific evidence. You have entered an incorrect email address! The ski … This means that plants will still thrive, even if some areas become more arid as Yale Climate Connections speculates.

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