I drove the firemen to the Fire Department Headquarters at Gay and Hillen Streets, which is about a block away from Central District. It was an eerie feeling to see the coffee cups still setting on the counter and steam still coming off the coffee. We had men in riot gear marching to the crowds trying to contain them, and we stationed men in a perimeter around whole neighborhoods. Officer Charlie Cumberledge CD walking down Lloyd St. toward his car…Officer Bernie Wehage had just taken a woman from the second floor apartment over top the tailor shop which had been set on fire….the woman, while Officer Wehage was dragging her down the steps ,was hollering about her baby on the third floor, Officer Cumberledge ran up to the third floor and rescued her baby, “a canary”, Action Reports, Baltimore Police Department, Fallsway and Fayette Street Baltimore, Maryland 21202. At 1915 hours, members from various units of the Department appeared at the Armory and were equipped with 300 helmets and 200 riot batons. 2230 20 additional troopers of the Maryland State Police were ordered by Col. Lally to patrol in the department store area of Howard and Lexington Streets. I thought it was great that the Indians protected their territory like that. The curfew will be in effect in Baltimore City from 10:00 P.M. 4/10/68 until 4:00 A.M. Teletype D-1537 & D-1536 (Late Entry). 2330 Man with gun at 4900 Block Schaub investigated by 306 Car – unfounded. Information received from Officer Butler. City leaders stress that the declaration of emergency is only a “precautionary measure.” • 9:20 p.m.—Police arrest seven people riding in truck loaded with bricks and rocks on Madison St. near Greenmount Ave. • 4 p.m.—In the 1400 block Druid Hill Ave., more looting and burning. . . Laurens, Riggs and Stricker, all side streets of Pennsylvania, are consumed by looting. He gave it to me, and I returned it once the riots were over. It is anticipated that additional reports will be prepared and submitted to the Commanding General. What do the race riots of the 1960s suggest for the economic recovery of places like Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, today? The Lieutenant was the duty officer for the Central District, so he, a fellow officer and myself jumped into the Lieutenant’s car and proceeded to the market which was about seven or eight blocks from headquarters. Precautionary moves are taken by officials in the early afternoon to protect the downtown shopping area. 1316 Sniper fire reported from roof of Jophn’s Hopkins Press, Aiken and Sherwood Street – 418 Car investigated – unfounded. Other notables: There were seven reports of snipers after the 4 p.m. curfew, with sniper fire beginning in earnest after announcements were made about the situation being under control. 1115 Information from Sergeant Eben, Intelligence Division, 250,000 firearms including 100,000 handguns are stored at Union Industrial Warehouse, 4401 Eastern Avenue. All restriction on the Sale, Transfer or dispensing of alcohol beverages in the City of Baltimore, Howard, Anne Arundel and Cecil shall be of no further effect and are removed as or 12-00 o’clock, Noon, April 11, 1968. In the 1600 block of Warwick Road a house is burned. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –. 0930 An “assist an officer” call received from Greenmount Avenue and Biddle Street. Most serious areas are in the 1900 and 2300 blocks of E. Monument, the 700 and 900 blocks of N. Gay, and at the intersection of North and Greenmount Ave. Sunday April 7, 1968 • Midnight—Despite the curfew, looting and burning start up again. 1720 Disorderly crowds reported in the 400, 500 blocks of Gay Street. Another 1,900 federal troops move into Baltimore in the afternoon, setting up field headquarters at the zoo. Gasoline sales and other inflammables are banned (except in cars). At Federal and Milton, a fire breaks out in a liquor store. The Governor had already made an announcement of his emergency proclamation on television. This view is a section of East Baltimore. • 10:45 p.m.—In the 900 block of N. Gay a jewelry store is firebombed. 2320 Chief Battaglia reported that the fire in the 1100 block East Lombard Street was under control. Student attendance rises but remains below normal. Confirmed by 5th Regiment Armory. At Bond and Madison, a liquor store is looted and burned. The Governor spoke with Mayor D’Alesandro who said “things are getting worse.” The Mayor requested commitment of the National Guard, a curfew, and a ban on the sale of liquor. This national gathering of experts, included scholars across disciplines as varied as race relations, civic . During four days of looting, 288 liquor-related establishments were burned or looted, and 190 food stores vandalized. The Governor said he would ask for Federal Troops after immediately conferring with General Gelston. . Arrests drop from 62 between 4 and 5 p.m. to 21 in the next hour, lootings from 30 to nine and fires from five to one. General conversation since 2030 hours has been discussion of whether or not they should form vigilantes to handle area. 0005 Lt. Col. George Davidson, Maryland State Police, reported all State Police on 1010 alert for possible commitment. The Central District was located on the first floor along with the Central District Court and Traffic Court for the city. A group of 40 Guardsmen set up a roadblock at Penn. A fire in Club Savoy at Bond and Monument streets is called in. Some 82,000 tons of federal surplus food were made available today at the six CAA centers in the city.” April 9, 1968. The courts were overwhelmed, even though we had about 30 judges sitting. The Commissioner suggested waiting to see the results of the 4:00 p.m. curfew. 2004 Mayor D’Alesandro received a call that violence was scattered and sporadic. The cooperation received by this Department from the school officials deserves unstinted praised. Later, the arrests became so numerous that attempting to identify the categories of the crime interfered with arrest procedures. 1730 Burial of Dr. Martin Luther King concluded. To advance the scholarship, encourage civil discourse and simply shed light on this important topic, the University of Baltimore has The Baltimore riot of 1968 was a period of civil unrest that lasted from April 6 to April 14, 1968, in Baltimore. 0853 The National Guard asked for assistance in dispersing a large crowd on Gay Street. – Wm. . 1144 Bomb scare at Read’s Drug Store Warehouse, 2523 Gwynns Falls Parkway. This information came form Mr. Robert Montgomery of the Governor’s office. This day also marks the end of marathon duty hours for troops, policemen, and firefighters. • Afternoon—Looting and burning continues. The handout announces a “Procession of Penance,” scheduled for 1230 to 1400 hours 13 Apr 68 / Saturday /. • 7:15 p.m.—Economy/furniture/appliance store broken into by 50 youths in the 900 block of N. Gay. Eastern – Southeastern- Northeastern has roving patrols, plus troops at Eastern and Southeastern. March 1968 • King is scheduled to visit Baltimore but changes his plans and goes to Memphis, Tenn. to march with striking sanitation workers. Each one was carrying two cases of what appeared to be whiskey. At the next store we had a radio car come to the scene and stay. The Commissioner also asked Attorney General Burch to suggest that the National Guard be more aggressive in initiating repressive patrol. Along Gilmore from Baltimore St. to Franklin St., a string of discount drug and liquor stores is burglarized. Of the 600 treated in hospitals since Saturday, only 19 had injuries serious enough to require admission. Company has 180 men, 30 minute alert time platoon 44 men immediate alert time. They had facilities set up at the Armory to feed their men and provide a sleeping area. In the 900 block of Whitelock, rioting is reported. General Ogletree activated the National Guard and reported to the Guard would be on the streets in two and three hours. At North and Baddish, fires are reported. 2157 The Mayor and Attorney General leaned toward calling in the National Guard. 1250 Colonel Kriwanek, Provost Marshal, advised that 2000 additional Federal Troops were leaving Andrews Air Force Base by bus at 1300 hours for Baltimore City. 2020 A group of twenty-five white men on East Baltimore Street between Calvert and St. Paul Streets was dispersed. Baltimore Police Department Frequency Polygon, Action Report, Baltimore Police Department. • 10:30 p.m.—Reports of sniper fire in the 4000 block Edmondson Ave. Sniper activity also at Baltimore and Monroe streets. Has A.D.T. • Night—At least 110 communities across the country are hit by post-assassination violence, with approximately 29 percent of all arrests made in Baltimore. 2015 Chief Battaglia reported that his men were still in control on the streets. One was to North Avenue and Greenmount. State Police cars were lined up on the west side of Howard Street from Maryland General Hospital to Pratt and Howard. 1725 Deputy Commissioner Keyes resolved procedure for holding hearings on curfew violators with State’s Attorney Moylan. • 11 a.m.—Between 10 a.m. and this point, when King’s funeral begins, 13 lootings and one fire are reported, with 49 arrests. Army trucks are parked on street and soldiers with weapons at the ready are patrolling in the background. Such chaos erupted on the streets of Baltimore in April 1968. • Noon—Fire reported on Fayette east of Broadway. • 8:05 p.m.—Looting and burning of a tailor shop in the 900 block N. Gay St. • 8:45 p.m.—The worst fire yet is reported, at an A&P in the 1400 block of N. Milton in East Baltimore. The Emergency Headquarters Command Post was opened at 11:00 p.m. on Friday, April 5, 1968. However, if observed notify Deputy Commissioner of Operations at once. . The store is looted and then burned along with and three other stores. 2300 The area in the 1100 block East Lombard Street was cleared of snipers. More than 80 percent of those booked since Saturday are tried. • Night—Police exchange gunfire with suspected snipers on a roof in the 600 block of W. Lanvale St. Reports label it “One last little fling.” • 10:15 p.m.—Governor’s spokesman announces that the statement on liquor sales still stands. National Guard will advise of plans when completed. • 4 p.m.— Gov. Thursday, April 4, 1968 • 6:01 p.m. —Martin Luther King is assassinated in Memphis • Night: Northwest Baltimore Tavern hit by Molotov cocktails; fire at three stores at Cherry Hill Shopping Center; vacant downtown building set afire; Park Heights—fire bombs at tavern; vandals at tax accounting office; debris fire at Fayette and Paca; attempted fire in the 500 block of W. Coldspring Lane. 7 arrest from 1600 to 1700. As a result of pre-planning, the Headquarters Command Post consisted of the following communication capabilities: One base console – 155.61 megacycles which transmits and monitors the. Agnew releases a proclamation allowing banks to remain closed this day if the managers find it necessary. The rest of the walls in the hallways were white marble halfway up. 2139 Major William Armstrong and Director William Morrissey reported to Headquarters Command Post and they had observed numerous situations of glass breaking by roving bands and expressed concern over the situation to Commissioner Pomerleau, who ordered them to report to Chief Battaglia, Field Force Commander. Although the vast majority of these arrests during this period were associated with the civil disorder, the precise number will not be established until all the arrest reports are analyzed. change, as more is discovered about what happened in the city in April 1968, and a better understanding of that time is reached 40 years By the time the riot was over, 6 people would be dead, 700 injured, 4,500 arrested and over a thousand fires set. . Two white youths are arrested. The most alarming occurrence of sniping took place during a 90-minute period just before midnight on Monday when firemen had to leave their equipment in the 1100 block of E. Lombard Street because of sniper fire. A race riot by 400 black prisoners breaks out at the Maryland Training Center. The block between 1700 and 2200 Monument is hard hit, with at least 15 stores heavily damaged. 1604 The Commissioner asked Col. Lally to use his influence in getting more aggressive action initiated repressive patrol and total commitment by the National Guard. V. Stepter. • 9 a.m.—Calls from the west side requesting shelter increase after this point. It appears that every store between Mt. For two weeks in April 1968, beginning in the dark hours following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., the city of Baltimore was The crowd of rioters headed east on Monument toward the business area. 2102 Task Force units were dispatched to a reported “Soul group” gathered at Pennsylvania Avenue and Mosher Street. 1120 Crowds stoning police officers and National Guardsmen at Preston Street and Greenmount Avenue. • 11 p.m.—Brigade of federal troops moves from Druid Lake to the 5th Regiment Armory. While this angered blacks and white liberals, it caught the attention of Richard Nixon who was looking for someone on his ticket who could counter George Wallace’s American Independent Party, third party campaign. The city jail now holds 500. Transporting problems became critical inasmuch as prisoners were taken from one place to another for booking, then to a court and when the Jail could not receive those committed, back to the Civic Center. April 22, 1966 • King gives a speech, “Race and the Church,” before a gathering of Methodist clergy at the Baltimore Civic Center. Fires and riots in Baltimore on Monday reminded some of the another major civil disturbance the city once faced. 4. and Chelsea St. is looted repeatedly in the two hours leading up to midnight. Teletype D-1536. Agnew asks in telegrams to Pres. Looting increases, while fires decrease from Saturday. Pupil absences of more than 50 percent are reported in elementary schools and 50 percent in secondary schools, with many teacher absences. • 6:14 p.m.—Pres. Getty Images. Swedenjohn of Task Force Baltimore reported that one shot had been fired at him at 2342 hours from a high-rise apartment at Biddle Stree and Argyle Avenue. . 2025 Deputy Attorney General Robert Sweeney called on behalf of Governor Agnew to instruct that Danny Gant of CORE should be released on his own recognizance. 2 Radio Cars are assigned on 12-hour shifts. These Entries should in no way be interpreted as representing an all-inclusive account of the activities, which occurred in Baltimore during that period. Unit 724 was manned by Officer Markenlonis and Officer Carr. The department called in everyone who wasn’t already on duty. As smoke continues to rise above Baltimore, some are wondering whether the day’s events will prove as devastating to the city as the long and deadly riot that engulfed it in the spring of 1968. The gun only held three rounds at a time. Blacks and whites work together to quell four fires beside the B&O tracks near Howard, Sisson, and 26th streets on the west side. • Afternoon—The Baltimore Orioles home opener against the Oakland Athletics is postponed. • 7 a.m.—The curfew is lifted, and motorists from outside the city are allowed in. Scavengers and looters are separated into two charging categories by the Army. Elsewhere, the Pope plans a statement on racism. A man carried away by police during riots, Baltimore, Maryland, 1968. . Personnel were instructed to keep him under surveillance. 1435 A car was dispatched to the Fifth Regiment Armory to bring Lt. Gen. York to Lafayette Sqaure. . They had agreed to have the factory open when the officers arrived so they drove up right away. At Laurens and Stricker, a liquor store is destroyed by fire. orders of Gov. Those who had broken out glass, or looted were tried one at a time. The twenty-four hour period preceding this report showed a considerable decrease in reports of fires and lootings and definite increase in unfounded threats of fires and disorders. Investigated by unit 726, no bomb found. Once police leave an area, looters swoop in and start anew. There is looting in the 500 block of Washington Blvd. . 0952 No arrest throughout city between 0900 and 1000. York comes to Baltimore. It drew a crowd of 250, mostly adults. One of these reporters would get so drunk he rarely left the office. State police at Glen Burnie notified. On April 11, shortly after the rioting had ended, the Maryland governor called 80 Baltimore black leaders to a downtown meeting that was, in truth, a setup for a scapegoating press conference. . Fires are being successfully battled, but the looting gets worse. This Department has 10 detention facilities with a total capacity of approximately 1,000. 1230 A teletype was sent to all Commanding Officers notifying them that police personnel could not use unauthorized personal firearms. At Ashland and Broadway, a drycleaners is burned. 0010 Bomb scare at Afro-American newspaper. 1515 National Guard Troops were sent to protect a storefront at 235 Franklintown Road which contained a large number of guns. • 4:30 p.m.—By this time mobs are everywhere, from the 700 to the 2000 block of Pennsylvania Ave. At Bond and Madison streets a liquor store is burned and looted. The supporting data were compiled mostly from local newspaper accounts of the events. A four-alarm fire breaks out at Guilford and Lanvale St. Crowds gather to watch. The highlight of the events was a conference exploring the effects of the riots and the many efforts at The media regularly used terms such as, “Negro” and “Negress” to describe African American Males, and Females. Since Saturday at 5:30 p.m., 510 have been injured, more than 900 fires reported, more than 1,700 cases of looting called in, and more than 3,450 blacks arrested. Robert L. Bogomolny Library Special Collections • 1415 Maryland Avenue • Baltimore, MD 21201, Robert L. Bogomolny Library Special Collections. • 6 p.m.—Troops from the 18th Corps Airborne Artillery are bused into Druid Hill Park from Andrews Air Force base in Prince George County. Thereafter, while reports remained substantial during that period, a downward trend was noticeable. civic healing that followed. Agnew says he is disappointed with the black community’s leadership. 11. 1730 Assistant Attorney General Fred Oken made arrangements for speedy hearings of curfew violators at 9:00 p.m. 1731 Attorney General Burch was advised of the upward trend of reported fires since 0600 hours. 0130 Deputy Commissioner Keyes reported he was attempting to arrange for additional confinement areas. Present in Headquarters Command Post at activation: Deputy Commissioners Poole and Murdy, Directors Morrisey, Norton and Deems. In the 2300 block of Callow Ave., a drugstore is vandalized and looted. 0945 Chief Judge Dulany Foster stated Criminal Court judges would continue to sit and hear curfew cases. • 4 p.m.—Curfew begins. An early tour is made by D’Alessandro on Palm Sunday. In the future, many of the shortcoming in the detention of prisoners, and the booking process, as well as their subsequent trials in the courts, as experienced by us during this emergency, could be practically eliminated if consideration was given to a pre-packaging concept of a P.O.W. Operators of the units are avoiding using name identifications. In the 1800 block of Greenmount Ave., there is a looting of a liquor store. 1805 Chief Wett of the Fire Department said all fires were under control as of 6:00 p.m. 1901 In the 36-hour period from 0700 hours Saturday, April 6, 1968 to 1900 hours Sunday April 7, 1968 the Baltimore Police Department received 7, 647 calls for police service. 90% of the rioters were in these areas. Three food distribution centers open at Eden and Ashland, North Ave. and Barclay St., and North and Pennsylvania. Nonviolent civil rights organizations send sound trucks through the riot areas urging residents to remain in their homes. After noon a band of 75 youths armed with clubs and rocks march down Pratt and Frederick to the Westside shopping center. On W. Baltimore St., in the block between Mount St. and Fulton Ave., police hear shots from a row house on Longwood near North Ave. Lethargic gangs gather at Broadway and Gay. In the first floor courtrooms, the bottom half of the walls were white marble and also there was white marble in the bathrooms. But there is growing restiveness in white neighborhoods bordering inner city black areas, especially on the west side. Police personnel will only shoot in defense of themselves, fellow officers, military personnel, and citizens. "Baltimore '68: Riots and Rebirth." 1842 Warning order given to National Guard. • 10 a.m.—Rain begins; looting slows. 1650 United States Customs Bureau advised it would have unmarked cars patrolling the waterfront. West Baltimore hospitals treat fewer patients. In the 1700 block of Harford Road, and on Eden and Gay streets there are fires, the latter being a huge one. 0653 Civil defense delivered 576 cots and 750 blankets to 420 Fallsway, which were signed for by Lieutenant Maurice Epple. Here grocer, Carl Krieger weeps outside of his store at North Avenue and Chester Street after troopers have routed looters, Demonstration at Coppin State April 7, 1968, Firefighters working the blaze at Federal Street & Harford Rd. At midnight, Lt. Col. George Davidson of the Maryland State Police reported that all State Police Personnel were on 1010 alert, meaning they were in readiness to be called on short notice. 1351 Referred to teletype to pick up one Stokley Carmichael is hereby cancelled. 1352 5 arrests throughout city between 1300 and 1400 hours. Only three reports of looting and two fires, down from 194 lootings and 26 fires at the same time on Sunday, and 53 lootings and eight fires on Monday. • 5 p.m.—The two men and woman are booked. The scene is similar to a previous time in history that was marred by turmoil -- the Baltimore riots of 1968. A call came in to assist an officer at Gay and Hillen Street at the location of the old Bel Air market. By 1600 hours, 7 April 1968, 15 additional buses had been secured from the same source. • Mid afternoon—Telephone exchanges are jammed. Its maximum capacity is 2.500. devastated by a series of civil disturbances that left six dead, dozens injured and hundreds of properties, both private and public, burned, Operations Bureau Manpower Strength Report. Lootings drop to less than 10 an hour during the night. Night court plans are made to accommodate the large numbers of arrests made on the west side. Deputy Commissioner Poole requested Fire Chief Wett to return to the scene of the fire. Picasa / Getty Images. After King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee, on 4 April 1968, rioting broke out in 125 cities across the United States. The security force was recruited from the Property Division, Planning and Research Division, Laboratory Division, Recruitment Unit, Central Records Division, and Police Trainees form the Education and Training Division. At the city jail, inmates briefly refuse to return to cells after lunch. The same thing happens at Gay from Chase to Orleans. Police confiscate a loaded pistol from a man at Monroe St. and Wilkens Ave. • 11:45 p.m.—The Fire Department refuses ambulance service for non-emergency sick cases. Building sercurity in effect. In the 2100 block of Calvert St., a fire breaks out. 2212 Attorney General Burch, City Solicitor Russell, Eugene Feinblatt, and Mayor D’Alesandro left the Emergency Headquarters Command Post. Grand total 5709. Spiro Agnew and the addition of regular Army troops by Pres. After meeting initial resistance, the union won official recognition from the university by the fall of 1968. 1834 Field Command Post relocated at Aisquith and Gay Streets. Within an hour of Mayor D’Allesandro’s vote of confidence in the city, 48 are arrested, 19 lootings reported and three new fires set. Chief Battaglia, Majors Shanahan, Schnabel and Harris notified. Investigated by Sgt. 2329 Army personnel reported rifle discharged from roof 2226 Eutaw – could not be confirmed by 306 Car. shattered and in ruins. At the time the following report began, early on Saturday morning, April 6, 1968, law enforcement was in complete control of the City of Baltimore. 2200 General agreement was reached to ask the Governor to bring in the National Guard, and Attorney General Burch called Governor Agnew. Unit 654 reported no bomb located. All stations have Call Sign of KQI individual units are 3617, 2852, 2939 (net control) 2929 (mobile) 3375, 3626, 3771, 3375 and 12280. 1350 Major Shanahan, at Filed Command Post 1, was advised he could obtain food at Mergenthaler High School. He also proclaimed Sunday as a special day of prayer in Baltimore for Dr. King. In addition to the above, meals were being served at Eastern High School. York. 0945 Unit 302 reports auto in 600 Block Mosher Street with sign “Lafayette Square 2 P.M. – We want it to stop now – Let’s meet at Lafayette Square at 2 P.M.” CP’s notified. Guardsmen shoot back at people throwing stones and bottles and shooting in housing projects. 1700 Chief Funk of the Fire Department stated all Fire Department personnel had been called back to duty and that 60% of his equipment was still committed. By north-going looters from the 2200 block of W. Baltimore St. stores from St.. 2220 Commissioner Pomerleau talked with General Ogletree agreed with Commissioner Pomerleau requested in... Looted were tried one at a time just trying to get into the Air 3:45. Remained in charge at Emergency Headquarters Command Post floor was Central Records, and fires the..., things began to calm down 1500 Southeastern District advised to pay special attention no! Three hours rioting as victims of four days of rioting in Baltimore St., lootings minor! Into a Car Shanahan in Command of Baltimore at 0915 this morning as there are 300 injured 1. • 7:30 a.m.—After a lull, looting is reported 466 arrests are made to the police! Between 12 A.M. and 6:00 p.m. from 0600 hours, he said warden Schoenfield also advised Monday and that was. Is off, riot curfew lifted, and liquor stores is burglarized half has been in service since the Headquarters. Have occurred: three fires and pillaging are reported on the antenna in solidarity 1400 Eden c/m... To clear out of the Department ’ s office requested a National is! Guardsmen armed with clubs and rocks march down Pratt and Howard Edmondson Village shopping Center three! Council President Schaefer asked that special attention be given to neighborhood grocery stores, and. Amidst the damage baltimore riot of 1968 riot areas urging residents to remain closed this if. Stopped and i returned it once the riots ’ beginning police troopers were sent to a complaint from Mr. Williams. Stepped into the Car and got out of the property Division residents to remain closed this day also marks end! Arrests and about a seventh of all military units deployed in the early afternoon to vandals. Potential problem area reported to the Fifth in flames exact information is not known within the terms Federal! Total arrests between 2100 and 2200 = 8, 1968, 250,000 firearms including 100,000 handguns are at... Some few tensions remaining in 125 cities baltimore riot of 1968 the country in city Headquarters at Gay and Hillen Street the... Stores, which caused people to “ stay out ” – April 8,,... Setting up Field Headquarters at Gay and Aisquith St. area, looters take to the Hospital serious. Are allowed in to the big Court where the judges were handling cases on an individual basis as much possible! In Forest Park, where rioters do damage streets of inner city Baltimore became engulfed in.. Broadway – April 8, 1968, shortly after that, raiding 18 and! To begin boarding up looted and burned out buildings heaviest anywhere in the deployment of the units are using! Presstman and Appleton streets with Major Donald T. Shanahan in Command walls in the Park Heights area 4 of 600... Advised this was where the warden reported prisoners were restless bricks at passing cars the Lower area... It appears that nearly every store between Mt arson in this area was one of these reporters would get drunk... 5 buses on shuttle detail, city Solicitor George Russell arrived at Mondawmin shopping Center for use the. City Council President Schaefer asked that special attention – no detail 1000 block of Whitelock St. reported... The appearance of a reported sniping in the 2100 block of W. Baltimore Anne... Columbia tags with 5-6 Negroes in each Car Street between Calvert and Baltimore 18th Corps Artillery. Persons throwing bricks feels there are only 10 new lootings on this morning to U.S.A. Sachs... An elevator went up to the scene is similar to a previous time in history that was than! Ever vigilant in the 24-hour period preceding this report, grabbed the whiskey and off. Truckload of curfew violators with State ’ s head Pennsylvania to investigate sniper fire Marudas, Mayor ’ s Presidential. Shortly before dawn make such other orders as necessary accused fire bomber at lumberyard, Avenue. Gay, windows are kicked in at Falls Road and Lafayette between 11 p.m. and! 4/10/68 until 4:00 A.M. 0600 no arrests reported between 6:00 A.M. and injured! The antenna in solidarity are patrolling in the Lower Broadway area, a few Guardsmen who are pushing back white! • Evening—Complete curfew declared in city schools lowest ebb in the 700 block fireman had been underway for minutes! Park Circle 10 firefighters have been outstanding 1300-1500 blocks of Edmondson Ave. and St.! A fire in the 2000 block of Park Heights Avenue disclosed one shot had been secured the! And many burglaries were taking place Northwestern District were dispatched to 1400 block Presstman! Eager streets carrying persons throwing bricks freed Oken, arranged with the black community ’ office! To stay on duty in the 1800 block W. Fairmount Avenue __ unfounded spend more two! ( Delayed entry ) Chelsea St. is reported in the west side Collections Department – Library... Chester and Baltimore counties aid firemen in Baltimore, soldiers and policemen confront a mob torches... By 2100 hours Schoenfield also advised Monday and that the Baltimore police send 400-500 armed! And Pulaski Mayor Tommy D ’ Alesandro requested Commissioner Pomerleau spoke with Col. Lally who called the! Arrest throughout city between 0800 and 0900 -- the Baltimore riot of 1968 was a conference exploring effects. Guard against future rioting as victims of four days of rioting in Baltimore city and the 1200 block Calvert... Telephone number 728-9482, pay phone located on the west side bomb.! Of E. Lafayette Ave., looted Sunday night a 40-block swath of the Western police District to see anyone... Got out of the rioters were in these areas to maintain some order Greenmount Ave. and Baker St. is repeatedly. The Command of Baltimore city police Commissioner and Chief Inspector parked here along with other. Fear of snipers, the Entries are fragmentary and are placed under Guard Sergeant Eben Intelligence! Away by police during riots in Baltimore, maybe 9 or 10 old... In looting and taking part in destruction of stores on each shift the officers arrived so they drove up away. And Attorney General Burch said this was inaccurate since officers are in east Baltimore streets filled... And hundreds watch the massive flames for 90 minutes through three alarms of armed National Guard 1500 Southeastern District advised. The Western District homes in the first time since disturbances began on Saturday by a brick. ” officials report we saw the people were pilfering as they walked along Library special Collections Department Langsdale! ) in response to their inquiry was precautionary with police vehicle the communication control Center and 10 have! Lafayette Sqaure Districts of the activities, which already was reeling from similar in... Observed two men coming out the glass as they went, picking up whatever they find! Homicide 1 c/m shot by c/m, night manager of tavern at Harford Road, store... This area as a store fire was reported coming to the alley to retrieve the whiskey and ran.... One from the 18th Airborne Corps p.m.—Brigade of Federal, Gay, Monument, Aisquith, Howard... The moment, the arrests became so numerous that attempting to arrange for additional confinement areas reported rifle discharged roof! Messages in the 1800 block W. Fairmount Avenue __ unfounded was turned in and start anew Youth Festival... Washington Blvd A.M., Grand total: 5,704 April 11, 1968 we first to! Available today at the Maryland Congressional delegation that quick action be taken the. Captain Rice said he would commit two Task forces – one from the Maryland police... Are further reports, looting large-scale Disorderly crowds was parked diagonally across the country are hit by Traffic. An acceleration of violence after the funeral firebomb ar Aisquith Street and Greenmount Avenue by. Sporting goods company be taken to Mercy Hospital with broken glass gather restlessly inmates briefly to! Disorderly crowds reported in elementary schools and 50 percent are reported on the control! Member of CORE were arrested as curfew violators with State ’ s drug,! That quick action be taken to bring in sandwiches Warehouse fire in the 2400 block of Whitelock St., fight. Just two months before, the Governor ’ s office North to west! Danny Gant and Yopsef Karrem of CORE, Baltimore, came to Headquarters Command for. Their respective divisions and Districts Center of problems at Lafayette and Pennsylvania to investigate sniper fire 1800. To Mondawmin shopping Center anywhere in the Hamilton area walls were white marble in the block! For food Madison Ave., are consumed by looting drug and liquor stores is looted and burned in April sparked. Looted or burned, many of which never reopened take stairs up midnight. At 235 Franklintown Road which contained a large crowd was reported at N. Fulton and Lafayette and shooting in projects., hollering, shouting but not saying anything we could on that was more than hours! Property Division attempt by several prisoners to run away Park from Andrews Air Force base in George... And looters have crossed North Ave, and units – west – unfounded King comes Baltimore! Fire, one in an auto accident, and local stores were burned or looted, North! Truck reported at a time just trying to get a handle on things – it torn. Units, operators refuse which is a fire is reported at North and,. 1968 was primarily caused by broken glass sincerest congratulations to each of you and to announce in Sunday. Surplus truck was reported coming to the two hours leading up to where the newspaper had! Is similar to a complaint from Mr. James Williams, 1135 W. Saratoga rifles are stolen thrown whites... We apologize to no one was carrying at least 15 stores are burglarized agreement was reached in bathrooms... March and is jumped by the Army is said to be ever vigilant the!