It's an ancient battle of wits and strategy that has long been a metaphor for much bigger things. 12 Large Chess set for Adults Brass Metal Chess Board Piece Vintage contemporary. It is … It was found at Venafro, Italy and is dated about 980 AD. The pieces were discovered in a Roman tomb in 1932. Isle of Lewis Chess Pieces One of the earliest authenti… Set … Vintage Italy Inlaid Multi Game Table Chess Set … $420.00. The Chess House has a great selection of Historical themed chess sets! Chess set, ancient Greek/Rome $300 Vintage ancient Go chess set game in original box (walnut creek) $100 Chess Set Collection - Medieval, Ancient Egypt, Brass, Marble (Austin) $400 Roman Chess Set - Vinyl Chess Board Black / White- Size 17,3" + Roman Chess Pieces 3,75" Black / Gold. He's placing Achilles, the great warrior, playing with one of his knights with a chess set … The Grand Masters of Decorative and Heritage Chess Manufacturers and suppliers of the most beautiful collection of heritage chess sets. Tim Millard is one of the leading specialist dealers buying & selling Chess Sets & Backgammon boards with an extensive stock of antique sets ranging from fine Staunton sets by Jaques to fine European, Chinese & Indian Sets. Related Categories. The pieces are a good weight and also feature felted bottoms. It is displayed in the Museo archeologico di Napoli. 10 watchers. Proudly imported from Europe, The Roman wood chess set has been handcrafted and hand-finished out of the finest hornwood wood. At Berkeley Chess we produce, store and provide to retail, an array of expertly crafted decorative chess sets. Today both modern and ancient chess sets appear in the permanent collections of institutions such as the British Museum, home of the 12th-century Lewis Chessmen, and the … both trays that the chess … Re- live the ancient Chinese Qin Dynasty with these gorgeous chessmen set! It features a highly artistic design that is reminiscent of the … Ancient Rome Collector's Series Edition1 Chess Set -- Bargin price All pieces in perfect shape, as well as chess boards, instruction manuel, only problem is the top cover of the box is in poor condition. From United States. The king in these set … Greek Chess sets featuring ancient Greek pieces inspired by Greek mythology and history. Description. Specifications: King height: 3 7/8" King base: 1 1/4" King weight: .7 oz. Enter your Email address and … This exclusive selection of collectible chess sets is curated for those who know chess is more than just a board game. 06. Established in 1999, The Chess Store, Inc. is the world's leading chess retailer specializing in fine Staunton wood chess sets along with thousands of other chess products. Open to all chess … Radiocarbon measurements yielded a date of 885 to 1017 AD. CDN$ 5.54 shipping. Auction Alerts. Few board games can claim the same breadth of history as chess, which spans the globe, transcending borders and languages. Ancient Aztec Chess Set ONE OF A KIND VERY RARE COLLECTORS ITEM Gameboard. Benoît in his Roman de Troie is giving a chess scene [v.19071ff]. View It on eBay. Handmade with attention to detail. The set features extremely heavy Roman … 19" Wood & Mother of Pearl Board & Molded Metal Ancient Roman Piece Chess Set. The Roman Empire was among the most powerful economic, cultural, political and military forces … Our exclusive chess set … ROMAN'S LAB - VOLUME 4 - Art of the Middle Game This DVD provides an invaluable guide to understanding and mastering the middlegame. Brand New. With stunning glass boards, and intricate resin playing pieces, these hand-picked game sets … C $420.36. Featuring many recognisable characters from the Roman Empire and with a King height of 4.25 inches, the set is truly eye catching. Our selection also features a variety of sizes and styles for your next wood chess set. ... STATUESOLUTION Statue Solution Chess Set with Brass Sculpted Pieces in Ancient Roman … 1963 Classic Games Edition I Collectors Series Chess set ANCIENT ROME … From ancient times to modern, and from the Dark Ages to the 20th Century, the selection from the Chess House is hard to beat. $2.92 + $4.00 shipping . Buy It Now. Baroque style Chess set … (B16) Classic Games VINTAGE Ancient Rome Chess Set - One White Pawn - 1960's. Our selection of wood chess sets is almost unbeatable! This set is the first of its COLLECTOR'S SERIES CHESS SETS. If dragons, ancient Egyptians, and wizards aren’t your thing, what about Roman gladiators? $1.57 + $3.50 shipping (B16) Classic Games VINTAGE Ancient Rome Chess Set - One Gray King - 1960's. Description. Nine Men’s Morris. The controversy is how to explain how it was possible that chess pieces of Arabic shape were discovered in a tomb of Roman age. 3.7 out of 5 stars 35. Great fun for kids Durable and lightweight Felt bases Just pair with your favorite board or one of our suggestions. The skillful craftsmen of Berkeley Chess have recreated the imperious atmosphere of Rome with this classical chess set… Our wood sets are very affordable and feature some of the highest quality boards and pieces you can find in the price range. CDN$ 48.06 CDN$ 48. A DOG'S BREAKFAST Chess Set KING Makedon Alexander III Lifetime Tet Myriandrus mint-Alexandria near Issus QUEEN (arguably first living woman on a Roman coin) RImp Marc Antony 43 BCE AR Quinarius 13mm 1.67g Lugdunum Winged bust Victory-probly Fulvia Lion DVNI LVGV Cr 489-5 Syd 1160 BISHOP (Veiled as Pontifex Maximus Roman … Get 15% OFF on your first order! Unique! View It on eBay. It features a highly artistic design that is reminiscent of the … Sale. From shop DUAYShop. ms 1505, f.145v. Achilles playing chess, from VAT Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Proudly imported from Europe, The Roman wood chess set has been handcrafted and hand-finished out of the finest hornwood wood. The chess pieces on this set are hand painted and hand crafted from white metal. The beautiful chess pieces will captivate the attention and imagination of young and adults. Ancient Roman Characters Chess Set $ 414.99 USD $ 812.99 USD. One of the first chess sets produced by Studio Anne Carlton, this classic design depicts figures from this era. $140.00. The oldest European chessmen may be some Italian chess pieces made of bone with ivory topping. The small Roman metal chess pieces set is a fantastic option for an ancient history buff or collector, making an impressive show piece for any home or office. 4 out of 5 stars (1) 1 … Roman pieces ready for battle on the chessboard! Antique and Vintage Chess Sets. The chessmen in this set have been fashioned after the classic sculpture and works of art representative of the Roman Empire at the … Come on in and check out these Historical theme sets! In fall 2018, excavations at the Russian fortress of Vyborg Castle revealed a long … Ancient Rome Family Party Costume $ 47.99 USD $ 93.99 USD. Roman Chess Set, Chess Set w/Board, Mythological Figures, Best Gift, Unique Chess Set, Handmade Chess Set, Rome Chess, The Queen's Gambit DUAYShop. Solid plastic character pieces are durable and fun for all.