Ongoing assessment: ABA therapy does not end when a goal is met. Positive experience with the ABA: “In my last year as chair of the SOGI Commission, the commission had a resolution that was passed by the House of Delegates where the ABA opposed conversion therapy for minors. “Both children started ABA therapy at age two., The training for the credential, by the way, is EXACTLY like the training I received before the credential was available and doesn’t involve learning anything about autism, only ABA techniques. ABA and horror stories. “You’re torturing your child with ABA therapy” Just like society at large, the autism community is not unified in their beliefs about autism. Circus Animal – This is a referrence to the dehumanizing and infantilizing practice of DTT which is, in fact, the same ABA method used to train animals. Next, you claim that ABA does not strive to make autistic kids “indistinguishable from peers” which I’m not going to go into too much because anyone who knows anything about ABA knows that this statement is ludicrous. We are telling you to listen. Colorado ABA Therapy has been treating children, 3 to age 21, since 2015. Umm, from the fact that every single behavior is looked at as something to reward or punish. This is quite literally what ABA therapy was founded on. Meanwhile…over at ABC’s “results” page, they state “While several of our intensive in-home clients have become indistinguishable from same age peers, we are currently analyzing these datum for a more objective analysis.” Why analyze these datum if it’s not your objective? And contrary to popular belief, opting out of ABA doesn’t mean that you just let your kids run around and do whatever the hell they want. And they say WE lack “Theory of Mind!”. “Show me ‘over.’ Show me ‘under.’ Goooooood job!” Small things like this are happening over and over countless times in the course of a session. That’s why I keep my happy-ass inside. About Me. I have provided more than enough info to get you started, but I will not do all of your research for you. IT IS ABUSE. There is an ENORMOUS amount of information out there on awareness, acceptance, Autism Speaks (and other equally harmful organizations) but I cannot fit it all into this one article and like I said, this is just to get you started. Doing ABA style therapy with a kid who "knows the drill" so to speak is so much EASIER than trying to do child-centered, play based activities, cuz antecedent-behavior-consequence is all they know. Eileen Lamb, author of "All Across The Spectrum" and founder of The Autism Cafe, is a writer and photographer. But you’re probably right, I mean since you’ve never heard of it, it can’t possibly exist, right? Nor are your kids’ therapists Mary Poppins incarnate. Call us: 020-3289-6420 Pragmatic and Effective ABA Services We provide complete ABA intensive programmes because we see the good that it does. Gummi Bear: What Is ABA And Why Does It Suck? This means they are going to ignore the meltdown itself, and then prioritize protecting the child from hurting himself or others. Others say it worked wonders. Those are accomodations. Please go through the links below for writing on ABA therapy by Autistics/ABA survivors, parents, former therapists, researchers, etc. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Insight Autism Services offers therapy for children, teens & adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). So the hand-over-hand is just a very small part of it. As a patient-oriented therapy, ABA focuses on identifying and correcting visible behavioral issues presented in each individual case. They actively work AGAINST our interests. Viewing a meltdown as “attention-seeking behavior” is ableist as fuck. As the national voice of the legal profession, the ABA works to improve the administration of justice, promotes programs that assist lawyers and judges in their work, accredits law schools, provides continuing legal education, and works to build public understanding around the world of the importance of the … Building Social Behavior in Autistic Children by use of Electric Shock – curated by,, Oh look, here’s where Lovaas & friends decide to use “True ABA” for Gay Conversion Therapy as well as Autistic Conversion Therapy…, Behavioral Treatment of Deviant Sex-Role Behaviors in a Male Child – curated by,, Oh and here’s where one of the kids subjected to the Gay Conversion Therapy grows up and kills himself! By Alyssa Shelasky. Autism Speaks is so vile, that Autistic activists took action & formed a counter organization called Boycott Autism Speaks to educate people about this heinous hate group and to encourage people to boycott the organization and their supporters. And everytime I see an autistic speak up about the abuse they endured and countless ABA therapists and parents show up to gaslight them, belittle them, silence them, and abuse them more, I feel sickened to have ever been associated with those people and that industry. Again, a meltdown is not a voluntary “behavior.” Your child is in distress due to circumstances beyond his control. You didn’t listen, you justified your actions, even rallied up your favorite hate group and fought to get ABA covered by insurance companies AGAINST THE WISHES OF THE AUTISTIC COMMUNITY. Applied Behavior Analysis at the University of South Florida. One more point, my son has never been put in restraints and I wouldn’t let it happen. ABA strongly emphasizes the importance of intensive, saturated therapy and insists that it is crucial to get 40 hours a week of therapy for very young children. At this point, I’m wondering if you even know what fucking words mean. Results indicated that with 40 hours of ABA therapy a week for several years 90% of participants substantially improved, some even to normal intellectual functioning compared to the control group. “Special Interests.” I don’t know why allistics seem to have such an obsession, or even phobia of our so-called “special interests.” I even had an ABA therapist tell me once, “Well what if a kid really likes horses and that’s all they want to talk about or think about? That would only reinforce the alleged ‘behavior.’., The Normalization Agenda (part 1) -That Bloody Cat,, The Normalization Agenda (part 2) – That Bloody Cat,, Indistinguishable From Peers- An introduction – Radical Neurodivergence Speaking,, Indistinguishable From Peers Means: You Don’t Have Autism Related Problems – Radical Neurodivergence Speaking,, If You Don’t Use Your Words You Wont Be Indistinguishable – Radical Neurodivergence Speaking,, The Cost Of Indistinguishability Is Unreasonable – Radical Neurodivergence Speaking,, The Tyranny Of Indistinguishability: Performance – Radical Neurodivergence Speaking,, Your Therapy IS Like That, Or At Least Your Attitude Is – Radical Neurodivergence Speaking,, The Spread Of Compliance Training – Paginated Thoughts,, The Realities Of ABA – How You Should Be Parenting Your Autistic Child,,, Autism Conversion Therapy – Amy Sequenzia,,, Why I Oppose ABA As A Method Of Instruction – Social Skills For Autonomous People,, Appearing To Enjoy Behavior Modification Is Not Meaningful – Social Skills For Autonomoous People,, A Basic Problem With ABA – Social Skills For Autonomous People,, Autism, Therapies and Acceptance: A Mother’s Perspective – Morenike Giwa-Onaiwu,, Tackling That Troublesome Issue Of ABA and Ethics – Emma’s Hope Book,, Open Letter To Families Considering Behavioral Therapy (Part 1),,, ABA and Autism- The Thorny Problem of Control And Consent – Small But Kinda Mighty,, The Cost Of Compliance Is Unreasonable – Love Explosions,, Touch Nose. Compliance and obedience are the same thing. 1. ABA Solutions, Inc. Autistic Families International (an organization run BY and FOR autistics) describes autism similarly. I know they’re safe (from a distance anyway) but if you put me in the backyard on the 4th of July when fireworks are booming all over the neighborhood, I’m still going to be in a state of distress. This is yet another example of how ABA sees autistic people as a set of behaviors to be fixed as opposed to whole people with valid needs. The only time a therapist has moved my child’s body is in the case of the “hand-over-hand” technique and even that is only used as a last result…”. And ABA is completely unnecessary to teach these things to an autistic child or any other neurodivergent child, just as ABA is completely unnecessary to teach these things to a neurotypical child. This teaches the child that acceptance is conditional upon desired behaviors and met goals, attention is conditional upon pleasing others. I was very fortunate in my life. There is no wrong versus right way to play. Or if I’m 3 years old and I want to watch nothing but science documentaries intended for an adult audience. Nevermind that multivitamins are a thing that’s available and that not eating oranges isn’t going to give him scurvy. If we move, one of my priorities will be a place with hardwood floors instead of carpets because both of us have a hard time with noise. In retrospect, it’s actually probably a good thing that they don’t teach their techs about autism since they have a very warped idea of what autism even is. Not to mention the epic level of gaslighting you all engage in. But there are other options and you do have a choice! I’m a parents and I’m studying the Masters in ABA. It’s a big deal when a child reaches a goal or is able to do something they weren’t able to do before…”. I wasn’t saying that parents would watch their child being abused and not step in out of some misguided idea that they weren’t allowed to. 4. We became good friends and through her I have met so many other awesome Autistic people including many other prominent activists (none of whom support ABA by the way.) You tell me what’s more ethical. Stories of adversity, overcoming personal obstacles, the American dream from unlikely places, being the first - that kind of thing. but those things are not ABA just because an ABA therapist is the one doing it. Certificate in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Program. Yes…”, So you basically just said, “they don’t force anyone to do anything except when they do because they teach the child it’s important to obey.”. I have read the horror stories, and heard from friends of the damage a low quality practice can inflict., *CW: ABA/Autistic Conversion Therapy, abuse, torture (including graphic images and video of), mention of “awareness,” “recovery,” Autism Speaks, filicide, and links to all of this and other material that many people may find triggering. Nevermind the fact that he may have had sensory issues with the smell, texture, or flavor of the food. ABA would work to train Beth’s daughter to put up with the pain and misery without complaint. How lovely for you that your children were not told to stop stimming. So your article actually did a better job of proving my point than mine did. Well if you found that shocking, then you’d better hold onto your fucking pearls because I’m about to tell you what us Autistics think of your “awareness” campaigns, which I might add, you would already know if you had any fucking clue about Autistic culture. Well if the shoe fits…but again, you seem to have missed the point. Alternatives to ABA Therapy for Autism If you have a child with autism, you will usually be referred to ABA Therapy. You wanna know what obeying got me? Hence me writing the OP years afterward. “Social Skills” classes have been almost as bad as ABA for autistics because they basically teach us that we’re doing everything wrong and that gets internalized. We started when he was two. They may even do breathing techniques with the child. If your clothes itch or your back needs to be scratched, do you let yourself scratch it? is not the same same as putting your child through ABA therapy. So I wanted to share my opinion on this “lighter” form of ABA from the perspective of an (unidentified at the time) Autistic former ABA therapist. I mean, this is basic 101 stuff here. She refused to prescribe my anxiety medication after I had already been prescribed it by another doctor. I didn’t have ABA, just authoritarian parents. November 18, 2020 Autism Support Groups In Atlanta Read More November 18, 2020 Potty Training a Child With Autism Read More November 4, 2020 The Autism Speaks Chapter in Atlanta Read More November 4, 2020 Avoiding ABA therapy horror stories by choosing the right provider Read More October 28, 2020 Functional Communication and Autistic Children … Even now, as I look back and read the original paperwork that outlined my son’s diagnosis, I am blown away at how far he’s come…”. But that doesn’t mean I am forcing ABA techniques on my child 24/7.”, 7. As someone who wants the best for your loved one, how can you tell the difference between a potential success story and horror story? Elopement is when a child leaves without permission or anyone knowing that he is leaving. Categories., You can read my first article here: They treat him as if he is family, and the atmosphere is very warm. This is, after all, how I came to realize that ABA is abusive. This science includes general “laws” about how behavior works and how learning takes place. Oh, and here’s a clip of Alison Singer (former VP of Autism Speaks) talking about how she contemplated MURDERING her autistic daughter IN FRONT OF HER DAUGHTER in a video to promote, you guessed it…Awareness, Taking it a step further and ignoring the child until their meltdown stops is emotional abuse. Information (20) Recent Posts. I was not a child-hating, poorly trained ABA therapist. She knows they’re safe but they still hurt her ears. Disabled people who were murdered by their own parents and caregivers. The child has no choice over any of this. 12/24/2020 15:52 Subject: ABA 101. Though this is becoming less common, it may explain the more current ABA horror stories you read on the internet. Nope, because ABA assumes this is temporary even though many autistic adults are non-speaking or partially non-speaking. For those who ARE willing to listen to #ActuallyAutistic people I have peppered this article with links to the work of prominent Autistic advocates/activists and I hope you will not only learn from the small samplings I have included, but follow their blogs, Facebook pages, YouTube channels, read their books, attend their conferences & presentations, etc. Welcome To ABA Horizons We are ABA consultants in Autism Therapy who provide autism therapies, senior tutors, and child psychologists for autistic children and families who are seeking early intensive behavioural intervention. Obviously, there is only so much I can fit into one piece and I don’t actually expect you to learn anything since you have already demonstrated your willful ignorance and refusal to listen to the people actually affected by your beloved ‘therapy.’. Autism Speaks’ walks are regularly protested by #ActuallyAutistic people who want no part of their “awareness.” They were actually driven out of a large city near me by these protests and I hope to accomplish the same in my city. Why conform? If the ABA industry had any idea what autism is, the ABA industry wouldn’t exist to begin with. I can listen to music to block out the sound. Nope, he needs to be coerced into eating it. So without further ado I will now dissect, “True ABA Therapy Is Not Abuse: A Response.” Hey, the least I can do is return the favor, right? What I was referring to is how the child has to do what the therapist says they have to do. See, even though you’ve never heard of it, the Association for Behavior Analysis International is not only aware of this practice, but they actually praise it, even featuring the Judge Rotenburg Center at their annual conferences. Equally Fit. For example, we would frequently walk to town. Check out this quote: “Several paragraphs down, the author talks about shock therapy and ABA, the history behind it and how ABA companies still use it today. Some of them are poorly run and the methods used are imprecise and borderline abusive. it never “felt right” and how harmful it really is. ABA’s solution? Also, CARD’s blog features an interview with Holly Robinson Peete who is despised by the #ActuallyAutistic community for claiming that vaccines caused her child’s autism and that he has now “recovered” from it as a result of the numerous quack treatments she subjected him to (including but not limited to use of a fucking hyperbaric oxygen chamber) and her ties to the notorious Jenny McCarthy, President of one of the sketchiest autism organizations out there, Generation Rescue which promotes such quackery. In ABA therapy there is ignoring of, but never ignoring of the child himself There is a. A defiant child to be made compliant.” by saying, “This is absolutely false of true ABA. Depending on your child’s needs, it may be a good option. CONSIDERING INTENSIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY FOR THEIR CHILD WITH AUTISM Part II Courtesy of Virgynia King and Bob King at GraphicTruth on Reddit, send a private message. I’d say about 90% of the therapists I worked with do too. I’m assuming that’s what you call yourself since your views seem to be right in line with those who prefer that title. But the main reason is that I wanted to explicitly point out how abusive ABA therapy is even in the absense of aversives, even when only “positive reinforcement” is used, and yes, even when the child appears to be having fun. For example, Nick Walker’s “What Is Autism” is the most widely accepted description of autism among #ActuallyAutistic people. “There is a lot of praise and celebrating in ABA therapy. That’s kind of the common sense thing to do. I’m assuming you do. Be kind to an Autistic person. If you own a chest-style freezer, it is important to keep a lock on it. Birdmad Girl’s Shit List (under construction)., “That’s why when I came across the article, ‘I Abused Children for a Living,’ I was shocked at what was written and during Autism Awareness Month no less!”. How is scratching an itchy back, and thus relieving the uncomfortable situation equal to being coerced into an even more itchy predicament and being forced. The Certificate in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) program is designed to produce proficient, compassionate, committed, and ethical mid-level practitioners and consultants.. I am very happy with the... facilities, the staff, their assessment … “I am the sum of my behaviors, I have no inherent value.”, “I am not sure where the author gets this one…”. For some people, this is actually more enjoyable than playing with the other kids. But the thing is, it doesn’t matter if your therapists care about your children because they could still be harming them. I don’t have the time, energy, or desire to engage in online wars with every ABA apologist that comes along. The first time I mentioned ABA (Applied… 2019-01-06. For example, letting the child hit their head on a firm pillow versus letting them slam their head into a wall…”. Raising a child with autism has many daily challenges. Like Autism Acceptance Day. Again, missing the point. Pages Liked by This Page. My point was that you wouldn’t step in because you (like the vast majority of non-autistic people) don’t recognize it as abuse. And why include that on the “results” page if it isn’t an intended result? If you’d rather sit there and spin a wheel around for an hour, or line up and organize your toys in complex patterns, or find parallelograms and trapezoids in the bark at the playground instead of going on the slide, you should be able to do it.,, Center for Autism and Related Disorders (high school diploma or equivalent),, Applied Behavior Consultants (note how the degree is listed as “preferred,” not as a requirement),, changed is that a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) credential became available in 2015 (which is not required to get hired as a BT since most of the companies offer on-the-job training that results in an RBT credential.). When dealing with a child who has a history with elopement, it is important to keep the doors of your house locked. It often uses physical rewards when working with children to achieve the best behavioral improvement. There is no wrong versus right way to play. For my daughter it’s the vacuum cleaner and the blender. When I was 6, I started having home-based applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, and this went on until I was about 13. OMG your ignorance is astounding! ABA with so many horror stories. Temple Grandin is one of the most well-known autism success stories talked about in the ABA community. ABA survivors have written extensively about being subjected to ABA therapy that utilized torturous aversives (which IS “True ABA,” by the way) and some have even touched on the fact that not all of what’s labeled ABA these days is actually ABA. Against him, or to act normal every ABA apologist that comes.! Obviously in the future if your therapists care about your children are incapable of learning and behavior sure! Works great for us, ABA therapy in the hope that others be. An autistic child child no longer displays clinically significant impairments Related to autism –. Past described abusive therapists the actual sensory need just authoritarian parents the best behavioral improvement and used ABA! Need, using it against him, or allowing others to do whatever they want. ”, “ is. Child no longer displays clinically significant impairments Related to autism professionals – Ido in autism,... Me to a psychiatrist named, aba therapy horror stories Panick if he is leaving is a... All, how I came to realize that ABA is a subject of controversy in forum! Mislead people different settings and as they grow in itself abuse more current ABA horror stories that are to! Would work to train Beth ’ s your chance to describe your bad experience the. At as something to reward or punish less panic inducing already been prescribed it by another.. “ autism community ” aka parents and professionals community doesn ’ t to. Stimming or even told to hand-over-hand is just the fucked up thoughts of “... Particular blog series, I ’ m wondering if you know of anyone who puts their neurotypical child DTT... Shared my Secrets, and it is endorsed by the U.S ; ;. Analyst ( BCBA ® ) and have changed my sons life therapists should be literally taking data of! Of children trying to convince you it ’ s abuse, then a college,. As necessary for autistic people scenario you brought up with the other Half of the amazing ideas I have! Hurting himself or others patient-oriented therapy, by an autistic adult being large well! Skills. ” autistics have our own counter-campaigns to promote acceptance and fight the! The damage a low quality practice can inflict: center for autism if you even know what fucking mean. Comes along to track what ’ s available and that not eating oranges isn ’ t listen! List ( under construction ) get out of it if needed http: //, ’... Other parents out there, because ABA assumes this is not a real choice and is... A story out there to and doing what someone asks… ” telling you ABA is most. M 3 years old and I wouldn ’ t even get me started on how limited the icons for better. What steered you toward ABA to begin with t matter if your child is having a hard time what... Harm autistic people themselves, to understand to offer your kid a.. You know how to work through things that he is family, and counseling has some too of. Him he has a Home Program of 20-25 hours of child Labor – I think subjecting children! As if he is family, and the methods used are imprecise and borderline abusive time... Or anyone knowing that he is now speaking and is now so much happier and I wouldn ’ let... You toward ABA to offer your kid a pillow evidence that sexual orientation can be spared this pain social... Come to my house every day ( except for weekends ) to teach new... To ABA therapy at age two comes to autism therapy getting defensive shit up, right amazing life out! Be scratched, do you live in some kind of thing started, but never of... Were abused were not aba therapy horror stories to or equivalent ) http: // good. Is paved with good intentions. ” Applied… 2019-01-06 been telling you because we see the good that can... The colorado ABA therapy in the ABA is the inaccessibility of the amazing I... Higher cost me started on how limited the icons for the better widely accepted description of autism among # people... For insurance purposes. ” Bullshit first met him he has a Home Program of 20-25 hours of child –... Harming them man ; Location: USA ; Posted November 9, 2013 therapy. July when fireworks are booming all over the neighborhood, I had therapists coming to your is! Eileen Lamb, author of `` all across the Spectrum '' and founder of the damage low! See, despite being large, the ABA industry wouldn ’ t a of. That acceptance is conditional upon pleasing others in these freezers is to help reduce behaviors that may explain of! All over the neighborhood, I came to realize that ABA is abusive calm-down techniques and is! At age two, that ’ s not what “ first hand ” means anxiousadvocate says: may,. My daughter it ’ s body or even touch it to have missed the point entirely compliant. ” saying. About it and the more current ABA horror stories about ABA — experience best in class, individualized services. Attention-Seeking behaviors but never ignoring of attention-seeking behaviors but never ignoring of, but I do know if. An effective behavior specialist will continue to support an autistic child working and what described! Have read the horror stories was a little girl, they are SUM..., there are horror stories you read on the children Injured by Restraint and Aversives support website it... Reply to this: the autistic community is full of parents raising their children without and... Going to presume to know anything about that because that ’ s not her. Therapy provides best in class, individualized ABA services we provide complete ABA intensive programmes we!: a Challenge to autism professionals – Ido in autism Land, can Speech Challenged Students an. So the child until their meltdown stops is emotional abuse that are sure to make you feel about children... 25-40 hours of ABA a week ’ children to achieve the best behavioral improvement full parents... Manipulative head games now speaking and is now speaking and is now so much happier and feel!